How to Find Discontinued China Patterns

It’s happened to everyone: a broken cup, a cracked bowl there, an inherited group of china that’s missing a slice. It is no problem if the china pattern is in creation, but finding a replacement piece for discontinued patterns requires just a little research. There are lots of tools available to assist, from a selection […]

Miniature Mondo Grass Is Dying

A grasslike, shade-loving perennial, mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus spp.) Can suffer from root diseases. “Gyoku-ryu” (Ophiopogon japonicus “Gyoku-ryu”) is a mini cultivar that grows 1 to 2 inches tall. “Gyoku-ryu,” which grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 10, grows best in partial or full shade and well-draining soil. Other dwarf […]

Fabric to stop Marijuana Growth

Landscape fabric, a type of geotextile, works nicely to avoid most weed growth in a garden bed. It’s best suited to perennial gardens since it works better if the bed isn’t constantly disturbed by planting and replanting. The fabric, sometimes referred to as weed fabric or weed fabric, allows air and moisture through the surface, […]

How to Choose a New Town

Where we live affects so much in our own lives: the job we find, the friends we have, the activities we enjoy and even our health. If you’re considering a big move — whether you’re moving to get work, to be near family or just because you’re craving a change of scenery — following the […]

Fantastic Design Plant: Retreat to Hardy Catalpa's Shade

Bold and beautiful, hardy catalpa requires a large commitment of energy and space to preserve, but the payoff is worth it. Large, fragrant flowers cover the tree in early summer, and the large heart-shaped leaves provide compact, cooling color. Winter interest? You’ve made it : Long brown pods cling to the branches and also look […]

Basement of the Week: Expanded Living Space on a Budget

Homeowner Christina Katos stretches every dollar and considers a budget an enjoyable challenge. When she and her husband were home hunting three years back, they had been seeking to add living space via a basement or an attic. This 1,800-square-foot multilevel home with an unfinished basement fit the bill. in a GlanceWho lives here: A […]

Travel Guide: New Orleans for Design Lovers

These days New Orleanians describe their lifestyles using the terms “pre-Katrina” and “post-Katrina.” The devastating hurricane and its aftermath are still felt almost eight years later. But because post-Katrina New Orleans has shed its own storm-sacked facades, a canvas of style chance has taken root. There is a new buzz in town, and signs of […]