How to Tie Chair Ties

Slipcovering folding seats or plain dining seats gives them a joyous and more formal atmosphere, perfect for celebrations or even weddings. But even if you don’t have the time or resources to slipcover your seats, just tying fabric bows around the chair backs takes a plain chair from frumpy to fabulous. Flip Knot The reverse […]

What Will a Landlord Ask Your Employer?

Your possible landlord thoroughly displays your financial history and references to determine if you meet his standards. Landlords often use a tenant screening service which provides credit reports and background info on possible tenants. Moreover, the neighbor calls your personal references, collects evidence of income and contacts that your company. All this information paints a […]

Can I Get Homeowners Insurance if I Declare Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy affects your financial future in various ways. If you are fortunate enough to maintain your home during the proceedings, you may encounter trouble with renewing your homeowners insurance company. Homeowners with a deed of trust should maintain standard coverage on the property in any way times to remain in compliance with the contract. […]

Can I Insert a Headboard to My Platform Bed?

Various kinds of headboards may be added to your platform bed, while it’s made of steel or timber. Accurate measurements of the bed’s width and height are essential to ensure a good fit. Simple modifications like mounts, running a timber stretcher between the barbell’s legs, and drilling extra pilot holes for screws may be necessary […]