How to Decorate a Living Room With just a Loveseat

Not every single living room has enough space for a traditional sofa and love seat fitting — or even to get a traditional sofa. But that’s okay. By using just a love seat, you not only make tight quarters appear less crowded, you also have the opportunity to capture the wave of a sexy furnishing tendency — combining your pieces, instead of matching them.

Small-Sofa Syndrome

Your love seat may not have a significant footprint, but it may and ought to create some visual noise, since it’s probably one of this room’s biggest, most focal elements. If space permits, pull it forward into a grouping with one or two sleek slipper seats to provide it center-stage existence. Top the group with standout cushions in daring bolds or brights — bright yellow, primary red, grassy green, and large patterns such as geometrics all pep up tight hallways and little furniture.

Back to Sexy

Make your love bench pop by backing it with a stylish, contrasting-color wall. Vertical curtain or paint stripes carry the eye upwards, visually lifting a low ceiling, but also making squat seating appear longer by comparison. Horizontal lines create a room appear wider, but accentuate a love seat’s lack of length. If you would rather a “quiet” monochromatic scheme, then provide the love seat minor existence against a wall color that’s a shade lighter than its textile. Preferably, use pale neutral hues throughout for airiness, instead of cold, stark whites or dark, light-absorbing hues.

Balancing Furniture

Even a streamlined love seat may make a room appear to be leaning, if you don’t balance it at the floor plan with a similar-sized object. Place it over from a low bookcase or fireplace, like. If you do, you might position a chair to each side, perpendicularly; by separating these additional chairs as opposed to placing them side by side, you don’t soften the love seat. Incorporate proportional elements throughout, but don’t go overboard; cluttered rooms appear smaller than they truly are, and abundant accessories and furniture clean out or diminish a love seat’s existence.

Additional Seating

Comfortable apartment, loft or small-house living ensures incorporating stylish, smart seating arrangements for unexpected guests or the occasional intended get-together. Some options include a coffee table using tuck-under ottomans, and a shelving-unit storage bench placed under a window at window-seat style. This kind of bench can home floor cushions to get an even larger party. A love seat that’s also a sofa bed turns a tiny living room into sleeping quarters for an overnight guest or couple.

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