Are Wilted Vegetables Still Edible?

Summer heat can wreak havoc in a vegetable garden. Without constant irrigation, vegetables wilt and it may seem that all of your hard work will be lost. If you end up staring at a lawn of wilted vegetables, work immediately to minimize the damage and revive what you could. Those that are past the stage […]

How to Get Dry Paint Away of a Door Knob

Whether you have moved into a vintage residence or accidentally splattered paint on your doorknobs, removing the paint might seem hopeless. However, it’s possible to strip the paint away and return your doorknobs for their former glory. On top of that, it doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Just a little soap […]

How Do Dual-Fuel Heat Pump Gas Furnaces Work?

Heat pumps heat and cool by moving heat from one place to another. In heating mode, heat pumps are essentially an air conditioner running in reverse. Latent heat energy in exterior winter air is pulled by refrigerant circulating through the outside coil. The heat is concentrated since the refrigerant passes through the compressor and then […]

Freeze-Resistant Fruit & Nut Trees

Few things are more rewarding than picking fruit and nuts from your backyard trees. But dropping your crop to a spring freeze that destroys flower buds can be extremely disappointing. Planning carefully by selecting freeze-resistant nut and fruit types may help make sure frost never prevents fruit formation from your yard. Apples and Pears Apple […]

Greenhouse Building Price Evaluation

A greenhouse provides an enclosed growing environment for ornamentals, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Opting to implement a greenhouse into your garden landscape permits you to add more biodiversity into the plants you develop, besides providing an area for year-round growing. Year-round growing is made possible in a greenhouse on account of the fact that you […]

Plant Size of Supersweet 100 & Sungold Tomatoes

Although too small to serve melted on a burger or sandwich, cherry tomatoes are perfect for a quick snack fresh off the vine, in carbohydrates or accompanying celebration ends. Not grown as much commercially as grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes have thinner skin that tends to soften more during shipping. This ought to be strong incentive […]