Garden Design Essentials: Proportion and Scale

Proportion and scale seem to be the most challenging concepts to pull off correctly in the landscape. I’ve seen so many spindly arbors and trellises which look fragile and temporary. And I’ve noticed just how sad and lonely tiny little flowerpots can look onto a massive patio. Folks seem to be afraid to go big […]

Fabric to stop Marijuana Growth

Landscape fabric, a type of geotextile, works nicely to avoid most weed growth in a garden bed. It’s best suited to perennial gardens since it works better if the bed isn’t constantly disturbed by planting and replanting. The fabric, sometimes referred to as weed fabric or weed fabric, allows air and moisture through the surface, […]

Splurge of the Week: The Kamado Grill

The song calling through my head right now could be the the decision of the grill, which, within my home, will see its mild of the time this week end as we head right into a long week end. Gas or charcoal, I am not overly special, only give me a succulent brat or hamburger […]