Uses for Aquaruim Gravel in Landscaping

Aquarium gravel works well as a decorative element in landscapes. Most aquarium gravel is pea gravel, which is exactly the identical kind of stone often used in landscaping. Aquarium gravel may work exactly the exact same way as landscaping gravel in borders, mulching, pathways and paving. Whether you have a little or a lot to […]

Water Pond Planter Ideas

Water garden planters give gardeners the opportunity to set a water garden nearly anywhere. Container gardens can be a cosmetic addition to decks or patios, or in the event of a floating planter, they can stay in the pond, bringing together the top of container plantings and large-scale water gardening. Commercial Planters A typical commercial […]

The way to produce a Island in a Big Pond

Ponds are nice addition to landscaping in case you’ve got the space for them. They provide ground water for surrounding vegetation, bring about various wildlife and can enhance your natural areas, making a pleasant view. To create your pond more usable for wildlife or simply make a bit more sophistication than a simple hole full […]

Do You Lay Perforated Drain Tiles?

Drainage about a structure and within a landscape is key to preventing unsightly spots in the lawn and potentially harmful water or dampness in a crawlspace or basement. Basement moisture may result in the development of other problems , structural harm and mold that impact home value and appeal. Drain tiles correctly installed in a […]

How To: Wood Post Between Footing & Concrete Slab

Cosmetic post-frame buildings transfer their structural weight-load to the surrounding soil with articles embedded in concrete. Footings consist of a layer of gravel covered by wet concrete, in that a wooden post is placed. The footing protects wooden poles in direct contact with the floor and prevents the start of wood rot and water damage. […]

Garden Design Essentials: Proportion and Scale

Proportion and scale seem to be the most challenging concepts to pull off correctly in the landscape. I’ve seen so many spindly arbors and trellises which look fragile and temporary. And I’ve noticed just how sad and lonely tiny little flowerpots can look onto a massive patio. Folks seem to be afraid to go big […]

Fabric to stop Marijuana Growth

Landscape fabric, a type of geotextile, works nicely to avoid most weed growth in a garden bed. It’s best suited to perennial gardens since it works better if the bed isn’t constantly disturbed by planting and replanting. The fabric, sometimes referred to as weed fabric or weed fabric, allows air and moisture through the surface, […]