The Antidote to Dreariness, in One Small Brooklyn Apartment

Every corner of Laura Lee Gulledge’s Brooklyn, New York, apartment oozes with her philosophy that colour adds happiness. “I feel a great deal of people are scared to bravely use colour, particularly in decorating,” states Gulledge, a graphic artist, author and educator. “New York can be such an unpleasant environment sometimes — dark, grey, dirty. […]

Newly Sustainable in New Orleans

Like so many folks in New Orleans, Jared Zeller and Jennifer Pearl needed to start their lives over after Hurricane Katrina wrecked their residence in 2005. But like many other resilient residents along the Gulf Coast, the couple turned the devastation into an opportunity to create something unique. Pearl, a realtor and Pilates teacher, and […]

Outstanding Ecofriendliness With a Contemporary Bent

Sabine Karsenti and her husband, an artist who moves by simply the letter “F,” didn’t set out for a formal certificate of sympathy because of his or her Montreal home. They simply wanted an eco friendly house that felt and looked modern and fresh. “We took a look at a few green and eco-friendly house […]

Creative, Collected Craftsman in Dallas

It takes a fantastic eye and a lot of persistence to not only discover vintage finds, but also to know how to use them. “Place me loose in an antiques mall, consignment shop or salvage yard and I’ll find some treasures,” says Valerie McCaskill Dickman, a Texas writer and artisan who intends to work with […]

Tour a Contemporary Townhouse on the Water

An exclusive beach, easy lakefront access and views of the river from each room make this Oregon home ideal for water fans Jill and Chris Hall. Living on the water has ever been a dream for them and their son, Scott. A large site in Lake Oswego’s historical district along the Willamette River match the […]

Breezy Outdoor Living in Newport Beach

When this streamlined, modern house a mile from the Newport Beach coast was finished, neighborhood passers-by”stopped their cars in the street, ran up and peeked in the front windows,” says architect Paul Davis. “The owners discovered this very funny initially and finally got a little tired of itbut now the house has settled into the […]

Guest Groups: 20 Unique Golden Accesories

For me, nothing says drop more than the heat of golden tones. Check out some of my favourite home accessories that are sure to add some luxury and glam to any area. — Maria Fe out of Layers of Meaning Design Within Reach Etch Candleholder – $55 If you are looking to add some air […]