Pomegranate Tree Facts

Pomegranate trees (Punica granatum) reach up to 30 feet tall in perfect conditions, but typically climb 12 to 16 feet tall as a round shrub or small tree. This deciduous tree produces stiff branches covered with glossy, leathery lance-shaped leaves. Several varieties of pomegranate trees grow spines along the branches. The white or red flowers […]

The way to repair a Table Lamp That Flickers

Table lamps, by themselves, are fairly easy electronics. There is a plugin, an electric cord, a socket and a light bulb. If any one of those items has been compromised, then the bulb will flicker. However there are other aspects of a flickering lamp bulb which might have nothing to do with the electric circuit […]

Uses for Aquaruim Gravel in Landscaping

Aquarium gravel works well as a decorative element in landscapes. Most aquarium gravel is pea gravel, which is exactly the identical kind of stone often used in landscaping. Aquarium gravel may work exactly the exact same way as landscaping gravel in borders, mulching, pathways and paving. Whether you have a little or a lot to […]

High-Trellises Cordon System for Grape Vine Growing

Composed by trellis wires, woody canes called cordons grow laterally from the trunk of the grape plant of the genus Vitus. Depending on the species, grape-bearing canes either trail downward or develop from horizontal cordons. Species with canes that naturally trail down are best supported on the top wire of what are called high-cordon trellises. […]

How to Install a Frost Proof Faucet

Even places with moderate climates can at times encounter freezing temperatures at night, and also those temperatures can do more damage to plumbing than they do in colder regions because folks aren’t prepared for them. Outdoor spigots are the most frequent casualties of immediately freezes — the Water indoors expands and bursts the seals or […]

The Very Best Ways to Kill Mimosas

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin), also referred to as silk tree or shiny acacia, produces glowing pink tufts of sweet-smelling ornamental blooms on a tree between 20 and 40 feet in height with delicate fern-like leaves. This native Asian species was once widely planted as an ornamental, particularly in the southeastern United States. Its capacity to resprout […]

Can Winter Rye Choke Out Weeds?

Cooler weather has set in and your yard is awash with the green of the winter rye yard. The weeds appear to get swallowed up under the adult development of this lush green grass. There’s a clear relation between the kind of lawn you’ve got and also the decrease in unwanted growths. Areas of California […]