When & How to Transform Lilly Bulbs in the Fall?

Lilies incorporate some of the very beautiful and ornamental bulb plants. This group includes Asiatic hybrids, which can be the easiest to grow, to the Oriental hybrids, that can be the most exotic lilies. Lilies enter a dormant period in the fall and this is the perfect time to lift, separate and replant bulbs. When […]

The way to Replace the Seat to a Director Chair

Old Hollywood, guys in jodhpurs holding megaphones, and also the stars of year looking over their shoulders while resting between takes may be some of those images in your mind’s eye when you consider a manager’s chair. The classic director’s seat has remained a popular furnishing, easily fitting to modern decor. The backs and seat […]

How to Plant Heirloom Tomatoes Sideways

Most heirloom tomato varieties grow as indeterminate plants, meaning they continue to place on height during the growing season and can grow up to 6 feet or taller. These varieties take a strong root system to support the heavy top growth and ensure optimal fruit production. Like most of tomatoes, heirloom varieties can create roots […]

Cedar Mulch Around Flowers

Cedar mulch is typically available in the kind of wood or bark chips, and it is a frequent sort of wood mulch used in home landscapes. A program of cedar mulch in a flowerbed is appealing. In addition, it is advantageous for plants, improving plant and soil health while creating a favorable atmosphere for beneficial […]

Trickle Irrigation & Strawberries

Strawberry plants (Fragaria spp.) Are incredibly versatile crops that grow in both containers and long rows in the garden; several cultivars utilize spreading runners to incorporate additional vegetables into your dinner table. Irrigating your strawberry harvest often begins with a basic watering can, but utilizing a trickle system lets you automate the irrigation process with […]