Kitchen of the Week: Tricolor Finishes Make for One Cool Kitchen

Purple, green and blue may sound at first more like colours for a lady’s room than for a classy California kitchen. But with just the perfect grey undertones along with a timeless mixture of materials, this palette feels clean, fresh and even understated. Interior designer Kathy Farley combined two 640-square-foot cottages to create her new […]

19 Ways to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook

Whether you’re drinking your orange juice and studying on a bleary-eyed weekday or gathering with the whole family for pancakes on Saturday, a breakfast nook is an ideal place to begin your day. A mixture of built-in booths, banquettes, chairs, tables curved or rectilinear, dimmable light and throw pillows makes for comfy spots where you […]

Easy Green: 23 Ways to Reduce Waste in Home

Most of us know that growing landfill density and, sadly, even trash drifting out at sea are actual issues, but it can be tough to know where to start if you want to really make a difference. Luckily, it’s really quite simple to cut back on your household trash by creating tiny changes on your […]

How to Select the Right End Tables for Your Sofa

End tables are similar to the players to some sofa. They seldom get the glory, yet they’re vital in their own low-key way. Along with serving as a landing pad for lamps along with a perch for cocktails, they can help provide a room a well-rounded, glistening look. They whisper of a homeowner who pays […]

10 Surprising Resolutions of a Modern Architect

Popular recurring New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on reversing adverse behaviours: Drink less alcohol, drop weight, manage stress, quit smoking. These settlements, and the remainder on a list given by the U.S. government, are barely surprises, but they do inspire me to define several settlements that are more optimistic … and achievable. I believe […]

On Trend: Engineered Nordic Furniture Gets Around

A simple circle could be a lot of things. Whether it’s the sunlight above the plate onto a circular dinner table, the ring is definitely a part of our daily lives. Designers frequently take a simple shape and use it as a point of departure. These Nordic mirror and furniture designs have grabbed that ring […]

Australian Vertical Gardens Create an Artful Outdoor Retreat

We have seen vertical gardening earlier, but in this residential remodeled backyard near Perth, Australia, picture designer Andrew Beck explores an alternate to the verdant, living tapestries we have come to expect. A home remodel left the backyard in shambles, with a recycled brick wall because its sole survivor. Beck jumped at the opportunity to […]

Kitchen of the Week Chevrons for a Backsplash

Having grown up in the house, this San Rafael, California, homeowner has been ready for a new look — such as a radically different kitchen. After gutting the area, interior designer Alison Davin of Jute Interior Design put in timeless Shaker cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, accessorizing just with a daring and bright backsplash. An […]