Creative, Collected Craftsman in Dallas

It takes a fantastic eye and a lot of persistence to not only discover vintage finds, but also to know how to use them. “Place me loose in an antiques mall, consignment shop or salvage yard and I’ll find some treasures,” says Valerie McCaskill Dickman, a Texas writer and artisan who intends to work with […]

Professional Chat: 11 Desk Designs

“Utilitarian” may be the first word that springs to mind when you think of desks. And while they need to serve a practical purpose, there is no reason desks can not also be sleek, beautiful or even pretty in pink. These ideas can help you to get the best of both worlds. Gates Interior Design […]

Garden Design Essentials: Proportion and Scale

Proportion and scale seem to be the most challenging concepts to pull off correctly in the landscape. I’ve seen so many spindly arbors and trellises which look fragile and temporary. And I’ve noticed just how sad and lonely tiny little flowerpots can look onto a massive patio. Folks seem to be afraid to go big […]

Tour a Contemporary Townhouse on the Water

An exclusive beach, easy lakefront access and views of the river from each room make this Oregon home ideal for water fans Jill and Chris Hall. Living on the water has ever been a dream for them and their son, Scott. A large site in Lake Oswego’s historical district along the Willamette River match the […]

Guest Groups: Science-Inspired Design Finds

Art and religion have influenced interior layout for centuries. Science, too, has impacted our houses, but often in such subtle ways that we do not notice. Advances in chemistry, physics, medicine and technology have given rise to new styles of furniture and impacted popular aesthetics. Now we are seeing the world of science pop up […]

Guest Picks: Typography Love

There is something so sentimental about seeing your own personal initials. A pretty alphabet spells cool in my book, whether you’re decorating a nursery or your own living space. We might live in a time where you email correspondence, text appreciate notes, IM conversations and no longer teach the traditional cursive penmanship in many colleges, […]

Breezy Outdoor Living in Newport Beach

When this streamlined, modern house a mile from the Newport Beach coast was finished, neighborhood passers-by”stopped their cars in the street, ran up and peeked in the front windows,” says architect Paul Davis. “The owners discovered this very funny initially and finally got a little tired of itbut now the house has settled into the […]

10 Modern Spaces With Global Flair

I have admired style for decades. Sometimes I see this appearance referred to as “well traveled” or “tribal,” but these aren’t quite perfect. You don’t have to visit another country to enjoy the artifacts it exports. I believe this appearance can be achieved simply through an comprehension of how to mix in internationally inspired bits. […]