10 Modern Spaces With Global Flair

I have admired style for decades. Sometimes I see this appearance referred to as “well traveled” or “tribal,” but these aren’t quite perfect. You don’t have to visit another country to enjoy the artifacts it exports. I believe this appearance can be achieved simply through an comprehension of how to mix in internationally inspired bits.

My favourite sort of international combination has an unexpected splash of contemporary. Modern lines are directly and disciplined, whereas international details are normally complicated and organic. Like most mixes, it is the sharp contrast between international particulars and contemporary details which causes them to work together so well.

Rooms using a international modern appearance read like archaeological finds, telling a story. The key to a international contemporary mix is curating fine bits and showcasing them at a noncluttered arrangement. See how these spaces that are fantastic have mastered it.

Artisan Books

The timeless Saarinen Tulip Table and Chairs are sharply contrasted with Moroccan flair: rug, lighting and armoire. The combination of the natural profile of this dining table and chairs lightens the heavy ornamentation of the Moroccan bits, softening the general appearance.

Burnham Design

A modern-style console displays Asian and African artifacts. Console tables are typically narrow and high. A wide-open space underneath allows for placement of smaller bits for a layered appearance.

Chioco Design

A light-filled living room using classic midcentury modern pieces gets its power by a global-inspired black and white cream rug. The pillows on the 2 chairs add a touch of eclectic and the unexpected.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

I love this neutral space with rich caramel tones. There are classic midcentury bits, like the Noguchi table and the Hans Wegner chair. Pattern is brought by african-inspired baskets to the neutral palette.

Kaufman Homes, Inc..

Global details could be contained in unexpected places. Asian-inspired hardware adds distinction to the fridge. Open shelves give further opportunity for interesting screen; think about displaying a set on identical ones, therefore it could be enjoyed every day.

Jute Interior Design

The textures and patterns of those handwoven baskets add appeal to an otherwise contemporary, chic breakfast nook.

Even the simplest of details can highlight a international contemporary vibe. A minimalist white shelf showcases artifacts and black and white photography. Very old wood panels, like the pair exhibited here, occasionally recorded details of dowries.

Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

Children’ spaces can sport a international modern vibe, too. A contemporary desk and chair are topped off with a Buddha-inspired tryptych. A spot of bright orange adds an instant modern dab.


This manly, neutral space features contemporary lines and substances using a bit of global. Notice the salvaged piece on the coffee table — mounting almost anything on a pedestal adds instant cachet. Take an acrylic base with a global-inspired sculpture for comparison.

Jarrett Design, LLC

Materials themselves can be internationally contemporary. Here, white countertops and Shaker-style doors combine having a rustic beamed ceiling and a fantastic Persian runner. Each one these elements are perfectly at home with all the amenities of an updated kitchen.

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