Your Decor: The Joy of the Calculated Risk

We have all heard the expression,”the greater the risk, the greater the return.” The risk/return tradeoff is generally discussed regarding a monetary investment, but does the same apply when investing in your home’s decor? Realtors around the world would vehemently discourage the dangers within this ideabook because highly personalized houses often yield a lower yield […]

Book Tour: Salvage Secrets

Designer Joanne Palmisano includes a fervent passion for salvaged goods and materials. Throughout her design work and writing, she’s taught readers and clients how to create a custom appearance by giving salvaged bits new life in their homes. Palmisano’s latest book, Salvage Secrets, gives practical tips on the best way to spend less, be eco-friendly, […]

How to Weld Metal Flower Garden Art

Sometimes the most beautiful and valuable decorative objects in our homes are those that we’ve created with our own hands, whether it’s a DIY pendant light made from recycled materials or an upcycled wooden coaster. The ability to say ‘I made that’ when someone compliments a beautiful item in your home can be a source […]