What to Use to Polish a Bathtub

Bathtubs can develop scrapes and marks with time. These scrapes fill with dirt and debris and produce the bathtub seem dirty. It is possible to polish scratches to remove the dirt and restore the look of the bathtub, but you must use the right cleansers and work carefully so you do not produce new scratches. […]

How to Clean Oily Residue From Wood Furniture

Do not let oil stains or deposits become a defining feature of the timber furniture pieces inside your home. If you let these deposits sit on wood furniture, they could leave a residue that could damage the wood’s end. Oily deposits — even those left from furniture polishes — also turned into a magnet for […]

Can I Use?

Hedge cutters, such as manual, gas-powered and electric, need regular maintenance to protect the blades. Exposure to moisture and storage cause rust and corrosion, deteriorating the material and reducing cutting power. Maintaining the blades clean and lubricated such as WD-40, improves the performance and extends the life of your hedge cutters. To Lube and Safeguard […]

How to Wash Foam-Lined Drapes

Curtains, also referred to as curtains, are designed to insulate against warm or cold outdoor air, keeping the room temperature comfortable. Unlike several other types of curtains, some curtains are not meant to be dry cleaned due to the process used to adhere to the foam lining into the drapery fabric. Curtains can be washed […]

How to Water and Mix Bleach to Clean Mildew Stains on Walls

The atmosphere in your house contains mould spores — fungi which need moisture in order to grow. You don’t dry them immediately, especially if your house is warm and humid and if your walls get wet, mould spores can begin to grow. Spore expansion leads to mould, which looks like little black spots. If left […]

How to Clean Baseboards With Dryer Sheets

Baseboards collect dust, dirt, pet hair and general grime from the walls and the ground. Cleaning your baseboards is a time-consuming procedure that needs to be repeated often. Simplify the task by using dryer sheets as opposed to regular dusters, rags or water and soap for baseboards that stay cleaner longer. Reduce and Reuse Use […]

Checklist for Cleaning a Garage

The garage frequently becomes the set point for whatever can’t locate a location in the house. While the excess storage area is helpful, it can rapidly becomes a disordered and dysfunctional environment. A handy list helps homeowners require control of the clutter and create a clean, organized and accessible environment. Assess the Mess Before cleaning […]

Orange and Yellow Flower Names

To brighten up the corners of this flower bed, you can’t fail with yellow and orange flowers. Although a lot of scientific names of plants do not offer any clues about the physical features, common and cultivar names can provide clues to locate bright, sunny plants. Look for names which invoke warm colours when studying […]

Can You Prune Fruit Trees Anytime at February?

Newly planted fruit trees benefit from pruning to guide tree development. Pruning also encourages the development of sturdy trunks that create strong, limbs that are crocheted. Because the fruit tree ages, it also takes pruning to keep tree size, remove any dead or diseased branches and reduce the canopy size to permit sunlight to the […]

The Best Time to Prune a Boxelder Tree

The boxelder tree (Acer negundo) is a type of maple that is fast-growing, undemanding and adaptable to a lot of different locations. Native throughout most of the United States, the boxelder is a deciduous tree which does well in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10. It typically responds well to regular […]