Modern Icons: Eames Hang-It-All

Sometimes people get so caught up in trying to make a museum-quality midcentury modern aesthetic in the home they forget the look can be a lot of fun. If you are carrying your icons too seriously, look at how much fun Charles and Ray Eames had with their layouts. They never lost their sense of […]

Fantastic Compositions: Walls' Language

What’s the language of a wall? A wall can tell a story concerning the essence of the distance it confines. From the Japanese Tea House, the wall is additive: a layering of wood frames and sliding screens. From the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde, the cliff is carved into little dwellings as occupied earthen chambers. […]

Houzz Tour: Art-Filled Pied-á-Terre at Washington, D.C.

Though this modern penthouse is indicated by magnificent views of Washington, D.C and bold modern décor, it was the clients’ art collection that ultimately dictated the look of this area. When designer Andreas Charalambous of FORMA Design has been asked to work on this penthouse, producing particular vignettes for works by Richard Serra and Graham […]

The best way to Paint Laminated Countertops

Kits especially designed for painting countertops have been compiled by paint suppliers. These kits are aimed at mimicking the look of granite and so are composed of a primer paint different shades of metallic- and mineral- a clear top-coat as well as coloured paints. The metallic- or mineral-coloured paints are sponged on the primer and […]

To Floor a Dishwasher

Ground a dishwasher power cord to avoid fires. Electrical grounding is done by connecting a green or bare insulated coated copper wire to produce an electric sink, which securely routes electricity from metal locations on the dishwasher. Grounding is also also referred to as “earthing” because of the fact that grounding typically requires routing electricity […]

The best way to Nail Floor Joists to the Sill Plate

Where joists hook up to sill plates, in several localities, building codes are amended to contain framing components. However, each joist must be secured by the framer at lay-out marks before installing the components. This can be done using a specific routine of nailing that’s created to preserve the joists on lay-out. If the programs […]

The best way to Use Graph-Paper to To Set Up Tile

Is the ideal materials for getting a a tile layout. It’s possible for you to color, shade or abandon the blank and, if using a pencil, it is possible to continuously re-arrange order and the layout of the tiles before you achieve the required effect. Paper could work for location or just about any tile […]

The best way to Lay Carpet

Installing carpeting above a hardwood flooring isn’t a process that is hard, but it will require some physical labor. You spot little holes in the hard-wood by installing a slim tackless strip that grips the outer perimeter of the carpet throughout the perimeter of the area. Whatever you have to do is fill the tiny […]

The best way to Protect Limestone Counters

Counters that are limestone may be a stylish addition to your own kitchen or bathroom. Limestone could have a finish or a matte or honed finish, and is accessible in various colors. Obtained from quarries, this rock is vulnerable to stains and damage from materials and includes calcium carbonate. You may need to clear and […]