What Will a Landlord Ask Your Employer?

Your possible landlord thoroughly displays your financial history and references to determine if you meet his standards. Landlords often use a tenant screening service which provides credit reports and background info on possible tenants. Moreover, the neighbor calls your personal references, collects evidence of income and contacts that your company. All this information paints a […]

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

Property attorneys document and examine real estate transactions, including purchases, rentals, inspections and appraisals. They also help resolve insurance and ecological problems. When things go wrong in real estate transactions, real estate attorneys step into file and defend suits in court. While some assist borrowers shield against foreclosure many real estate attorneys also help foreclosure […]

How to Sell a House Beneath a Land Contract

A land contract is an agreement in which the seller of real property–property and buildings–agrees to finance the sale of the house instead of a third party financing entity like a bank. The buyer pays periodic payments directly to the vendor and generally does not obtain title to the home until the final payment is […]

Mineral Rights and Surface Rights

When you get a piece of land, you may not be buying what’s under it. United States law distinguishes surface rights–the right to farm or construct on the property –from mineral rights that confer the right to mine the house. Cosmetic rights could be sold or leased separately from surface rights, which may cause difficulties […]

How to Check a Tenant's Credit Report

Finding the right tenant for your property might take a while. Conducting a proper screening process can remove many. Running a credit check is 1 indicator of whether a tenant is financially responsible and will pay his rent on time. Consumer reports are often requested by landlords when considering rental applications. Have the potential tenant […]