Modern 'White Mountain House' in Japan

Located in a quiet residential suburb of Okazaki, Japan, the appropriately named “White Mountain House” was developed to give its people an opinion of Mount Hongu and privacy from neighboring households. “My clients live in a suburb with lots of detached homes; they are surrounded by neighbors in the side and in the back. I […]

Craft the Fantastic Creative Space

As sites such as Etsy continue to grow and the market for handmade items becomes even more mainstream, independent musicians, freelance designers, bloggers and innovative entrepreneurs are finding their voice in the business and gaining more energy. Today it is simpler than ever to discuss your work, communicate with customers, find inspiration and handle your […]

Sectional Ottoman: Matchmaking Tips

Ottomans are an extra luxury to some sectional, but they come in numerous shapes, sizes and fashions that choosing one can be overpowering. Picking the proper ottoman to your modular sofa depends upon the configuration and the look that you would like to achieve; you wish to find one which has the right scale height […]

Locate Your Architectural Style

It can be hard to decide what your personal architectural style is. There are several choices. And if you’re attempting to chose something significant — like, say, the house you want to live in for the rest of your life — well… you should probably get that choice . But how do you tell what […]

Layout Calendar: March 22–April 12, 2012

From a tour of two architectural sculpture studios in Maryland, to an artisan furniture series in Philadelphia, our roundup of upcoming events throughout the country has something for you. Watch our five newest picks of things to do this spring. Pinto Designs and Associates TRADE SHOW — March 23–26, 2012Miami Home Design and Remodeling ShowMiami […]

Perfectly Personalize Your Own Kitchen Isle

Kitchen islands give additional counter space, storage, seating and other ordinary kitchen features like sinks and cooktops. They also have the capacity to offer considerably more. Can’t seem to find a place for your spices? Shelving on your island could possibly be the best solution. Want to introduce a dramatic material to your area? Tug […]

Color Me Dazzled: The Saguaro Hotel at Palm Springs

The new Saguaro resort in Palm Springs, California, is a riot of daring colour that pays homage to the swinging midcentury vibe of the desert oasis town. The only rule that renowned architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat seem to have followed in reimagining this older Holiday Inn wasThe more the better. The colours are […]

Keys for All-Ages Homes

Whenever I’m having brunch in Bumble café in Los Altos, California, I always feel like I have left home for, well, a different house. Bumble is part restaurant, part playroom and an all-around fantastic place to unwind, eat and put your feet while your kids frolic in the indoor playroom, which also comes with an […]

Metallic Home Décor Shines On

Metallics are a hot-ticket thing in décor for a while, and they’re still trending as large as ever. Plus, there are several ways to introduce them to a room, whether it’s through accessories or more permanent choices, like a backsplash. Continue reading for many different ideas to produce metallics a reality on your space. Jamie […]

River Rock Rounds Outside Rooms

First carried by predators for great fortune, smooth, round river rocks are regarded as the first stones used for ornamental purposes. Their use may be old, but it’s far from exhausted. For bathrooms that are relaxing as an exterior shower, fireplaces that combine the indoors and outdoors seamlessly, and outside living spaces that contribute to […]