River Rock Rounds Outside Rooms

First carried by predators for great fortune, smooth, round river rocks are regarded as the first stones used for ornamental purposes. Their use may be old, but it’s far from exhausted. For bathrooms that are relaxing as an exterior shower, fireplaces that combine the indoors and outdoors seamlessly, and outside living spaces that contribute to the beauty of the environment, river rock is a stunning choice. With size options from tiny pebbles to 8 inches in diameter, there is a river rock that’s ideal for each home.

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One of the best things about river rock is the access to so many distinct colours. Mixing and matching can be fantastic, but if you’re going for a more effective statement, using all black is superb. These shelves add contrast and dimension to the milder shower walls, proving that even in the shower, the”bit of black” rule holds true.

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River rock creates a gorgeous floor for a shower. In addition to looking pretty, the smooth stones massage bare feet, developing a therapeutic, spalike experience each time you step indoors.

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Larger river rocks are the perfect method to make a fireplace that makes a statement. Ideal for the hills, the lake, the river or anywhere the outdoors is your principal event, river rock helps combine the indoors and outdoors. Want a bit of river rock style without the home makeover? Collect rocks from streambeds or across the shoreline, fill out a gorgeous glass jar and enjoy.


If you like the concept of river rock, but utilizing it seems like a lot of, juxtapose it with other natural stones to make a retreat without the repetition. Granite and marble come in coordinating color palettes, add comparison and may even save you money. Premade marble or granite vanity tops are available in all sizes and shapes and may be a cost saver over custom creations.

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If you prefer the idea of having river rock underneath your feet in the bathroom but don’t have the time, money or inclination for a complete makeover, then a river rock mat could be a perfect compromise. Place it out of the shower or in front of the sink for a gentle foot massage daily.

For outside seating that is beautifully earthy, river rock is a perfect choice. The small pebbles can be purchased loose to disperse underfoot. While it may be tempting to utilize organizing river rock in a fire pit, a few experts say it’s not a good idea. Because it had been underwater so long, it is possible to allow the water deep in the rock to turn into steam, causing the rock to explode.

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If you’re attempting to make a truly nature-inspired toilet encounter, surrounding yourself with river rock is the next best thing to bathing out. This granite tub is amazing too.

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For a spalike experience, combine the nature-inspired feel of river rock with luxurious details like a relaxing rain shower head with body jets, frameless shower doors and, clearly, a tub perfect for soaking in bubbles. To really top off it, spring for oversized towels — the fluffier the better!

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