Stone Works Wonders

If you’ve ever taken a shovel to the soil in Pennsylvania, you can understand why bluestone and brownstone are two of the nation’s great exports. The ground is filled with stones and rocks, ripe for crafting home designs. If you reside in a locale that is not chock-full of rocks, you are still able to get the rugged appearance by searching farther afield.

Designers and architects have produced all sorts of interesting ways to utilize rock furniture, artwork installations and flooring to get organic flavor. Some are practical, some are just amazing, and many others are both. Have a look.

Daryl Toby – AguaFina Gardens International

Striking Stone Designs

The steel sides of the elevated bed surround a large boulder to get a waterfall effect. The stone seems to cascade over the sides of the planter.

Daryl Toby – AguaFina Gardens International

This space from Daryl Toby includes an remarkable stone pub. The item looks as though it is floating on air and mixes seamlessly into the rock”railing” up the staircase.

The Collins Group/JDP Design

This creation from The Collins Group is just nothing short of magic. Could you be amazed to find a hobbit pop out from behind these structures that are man-made? Me neither.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

How about this piled rock sculpture? Hidden behind trees, it seems alluring and mysterious.

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Functional Stone Designs

Stone can also be a tool to help a garden’s functionality. These extended pavers permit the gardener to achieve plants, while the tiny pebbles accommodate runoff.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Stone pavers are the ideal way to keep your lawn out of becoming a trampled mess. The irregular edges and one of a kind placement of these pavers give the pathway a unique style and match the home’s design.

Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Stacked stone walls are common in several regions of the country to keep livestock from straying in the household farm. Today they’re generally used to keep rabbits out. Another advantage? They’re just plain stunning.

Frederick Gibson + Associates Architecture

Interior Applications

Stones and rocks aren’t only appropriate for outdoor designs. Stone can add a natural, textural component to any area. The method by which in which the rock flooring drifts naturally into this chamber recalls the natural placement of stones in a rocky area.

Who wouldn’t want to wash in a stone bathtub? Outside that is rocky and the interior combine for a symphony of feel.

Advantage Contracting

Natural rock lasts indefinitely and can be easily available. Its applications are many, and its variants are infinite.

Timothy Lee landscape layout

Whether you bring rock indoors, create whimsical sculptures or utilize gems for performance on your outside spaces, it is a beautiful material to work with.

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