Keys for All-Ages Homes

Whenever I’m having brunch in Bumble cafĂ© in Los Altos, California, I always feel like I have left home for, well, a different house. Bumble is part restaurant, part playroom and an all-around fantastic place to unwind, eat and put your feet while your kids frolic in the indoor playroom, which also comes with an […]

Defeat: Escape to the Cellar

Biting bugs and dripping heavens really are a fast method to place a stay to your own backyard celebrations, and excessive temperatures do not add much of a party favor. Bring them inside to get a celebration underground as an alternative to listen to your own buddies whine about any of these various ills. A […]

Creating Chambers with Numerous Dialog Places

It is generally a great thing when a chamber is called open or roomy, but gets a bit catchy when you start to test out different furniture organizations, realizing the best arrangement. An excessive amount of furniture on a single side of the area can abandon the the room experience unbalanced. Too small furniture can […]

A Room with a View: Designing Around a Panorama

Occasionally folks purchase a house because of its construction. Occasionally they purchase one for its landscaping, its floorplan or its kitchen. Real estate agents say that every thing boils right down to place, place, place, however in the subsequent ten illustrations, the Real Estate Agents’ adage could be re-interpreted to study, “Every Thing boils to […]

10 Hints for Making Your Laundry Room Better

I wished to really have a laundry room. As a child, we’d our washing machine and dryer tucked right into a hall cabinet. In my first home, the washing machine and drier were really found outside (what a pain!) And these times I stay in a apartment using a common laundry room (blech). I will […]