17 Ways to Construct Everyday Things

Netflix has altered the way we binge watch TV — rather than being way behind because you are just on season three of Breaking Bad, you are behind in the event that you haven’t watched an entire brand-new series two times after it premieres. In a bid to stay up to date, I’ve been watching […]

Light Up Your Night With an Easy Outdoor Table Lamp

This could be the simplest lamp makeover you’ll ever see. A fast trip to Goodwill, where I found a really cool pink acrylic lamp, and to the hardware shop and a couple of minutes using a pair of scissors had been all it took to bring a few gentle light to my outdoor area. An […]

Simple Acts: The Unsung Power of a Fantastic Neighbor

When my husband, Paul, and I bought our first house, we could not have asked for nicer next-door neighbors than Becky and Greg and their two boys. Within days of our moving in that February, they brought over a plate of cookies to welcome us into the neighborhood. That spring I started to garden, and […]

Arizona's Dialogue House Has Something New to Say

The Narrative of the Dialogue House in Phoenix spans a decade and a half. Architect Wendell Burnette designed the house from the late 1990s, earning a prestigious Progressive Architecture Award in 1999. It was built for one customer but fell into disrepair. The new owners, the Hylands, bought the house in 2010 if they were […]

A More Perfect Union: Materials and When Space Harmonize

How does one compose architecture? What are the instruments? What are the attributes? Is it possible to define, or like most great art, does it just strike an undefinable gem? In previous ideabooks I have researched the importance of simplicity for a caliber of successful architecture in addition to the significance of completing great architecture […]

The Antidote to Dreariness, in One Small Brooklyn Apartment

Every corner of Laura Lee Gulledge’s Brooklyn, New York, apartment oozes with her philosophy that colour adds happiness. “I feel a great deal of people are scared to bravely use colour, particularly in decorating,” states Gulledge, a graphic artist, author and educator. “New York can be such an unpleasant environment sometimes — dark, grey, dirty. […]