Factors That Affect Preapproval Mortgages

Obtaining preapproval rather than simply being prequalified is important when looking for a house. A preapproval will be accepted by sellers more frequently than a prequalification. A preapproval is when the loan is credit approved before a property is found. The mortgage lender actually looks at the loan and gives a conditional approval based on […]

Guest Groups: Fade Up Color

Gradients are amazingly fashionable at the moment. I love this look since it’s so refreshing, and it is the perfect way to give a contemporary inside a really smart splash of color. Listed below are 20 home finds that include the trend. — Kate from Minieco Kohl’s Bobby Flay Ombre Highball Glass Set, Teal – […]

Guest Groups: Guest Bathroom Spruce-Up

Getting the house ready for summer guests does not have to be a difficult endeavor. Thinking ahead about that which guests may need during their stay will earn you major hostess points and will remove those embarrassing moments when they run out of toilet paper. — Danyelle from Dandee Designs Pottery Barn Painted Metal Accent […]