Guest Groups: Get in Contact With Textured-Effect Wallpapers

Textured wallpapers are right on fashion right now, and they offer you a brilliant way of transforming a wall in your home. Whether you crave a natural rock impact, desire you had wooden paneling, want elaborate metal effects or want walls that look like they’re layered with fabric, there is a wallpaper available for you that is going to do the job flawlessly. Here are some of my favorites. — Rachel from Fresh Design Blog


Gray Slate Wallpaper – GBP 15

This wallpaper effectively depicts a traditional rock wall and helps you bring the look of an outdoor state wall inside your property.

Eclectic Wallpaper

This wallpaper was designed to look like old tin tiles. It has an interesting history behind the design, as the tin tiles are much like those found in the warehouses and factories of North America at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Regent Wallpaper – GBP 69.90

Wishing you could get an oak wood paneled room? This wallpaper can help create the impact without so much work.

I Love Wallpaper

Erismann Brix Slate Brick Impact Background, Gray/Black – GBP 12.95

This masterpiece wallpaper includes a dark and moody feel to it that’s ideal for creating contemporary spaces.


Wrought Metal Gate wallpaper – GBP 69

This bold wallpaper design takes its inspiration from wrought iron. It’ll make your wall look like it’s adorned with metal panels.


Bricks Wallpaper – GBP 15

There are various realistic brick wall wallpapers available. This one has a particularly lovely weathered and worn look to it.


White Planks Wallpaper – GBP 70

These white wooden planks are a very straightforward layout. It works nicely in nautical interior layout schemes: believe beach huts with white wooden walls.

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Wood Panel Wallpaper Mural – GBP 79

Vertically placed wooden panels make up this large wall mural. Use it to decorate your walls at a rustic style.


White Cast Iron Lace Wallpaper – GBP 70

This wonderful wallpaper is intended to create the effect of cosmetic white metalwork and other elaborate architectural outcomes. It looks magnificent!


Lowry Brick’ Super Realistic Brick Effect Background – GBP 19.97

Use this brick rock wallpaper in modern urban rooms.

John Lewis

Mr. Perswall Forest Feel Knock On Wood Wall Mural, Natural – GBP 248

This layout depicts the impact of natural wood strips. Use it for log cabin–style home decoration.


Pebbles Wallpaper – GBP 18

Are you really looking to be in the beach? Adorn your wall with a pebble impact wallpaper. This one is ideal for nautical-themed rooms.

John Lewis

Sanderson Dry Brush Textured Wallpaper, Linen – GBP 41

If you adore the impact of fabric on a wall, then this wallpaper is for you. It’s intended to have a textured linen look.


Stone Angels Wallpaper – GBP 98

This very elaborate background is inspired by Renaissance sculptural results. Now you can also have rock angels in your walls, but without the stone carving required!

Decor Wallpaper

Metallic Leather Chesterfield Panel Wallpaper – GBP 40

This strange newspaper generates the impact of a leather Chesterfield, complete with a completely buttoned fabric layout. Just imagine that onto a wall.

John Lewis

Mr. Perswall Stones Wall Mural, Gray – GBP 248

Strictly speaking, this is really a wall mural, not wallpaper, but it’s perfect if you want to create the look of a gray wall comprising small pieces of rock.

Fabrics & Papers

Luster Tile Wallpaper, Bronze – GBP 78

This wallpaper is based on a luster tile effect, finish with the look of age cracks and marks.


Gray Panels Wallpaper – GBP 15

If you can’t get enough of wood panelling, here’s a gray wallpaper that will bring a fresh dimension to a wall.

Tangletree Interiors

Cut-Out Lace Wallpaper – GBP 67

This delicate white wallpaper creates the impact of cutwork lace onto a wall.

4id Interiors

Concrete Background – GBP 72

For industrial-chic decoration fashions, why not try concrete wallpaper?


Scrap Wood Wallpaper – GBP 199

Weathered and worn, this Danish Scrap Wood wallpaper is very good for producing understated chic, rustic-style room.

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