Guest Groups: Fade Up Color

Gradients are amazingly fashionable at the moment. I love this look since it’s so refreshing, and it is the perfect way to give a contemporary inside a really smart splash of color. Listed below are 20 home finds that include the trend. — Kate from Minieco


Bobby Flay Ombre Highball Glass Set, Teal – $49.99

These really are a spin on the classic highball glass. Friday night cocktails, here I come!


Plissé Folder A4 – EUR 26

I almost jumped up and down when I saw these beautiful accordion folders want, want, want.


Gradient Sack, Green – EUR 30

These are beautiful yet practical storage sacks. They are available in a selection of sizes and are lined with PVC, making them super easy to wash.

Shelter Black

Let’s Spoon Wooden Spoons, Ombré – $34

Utensils never seemed so great. I really like the pop of color contrasting against the natural wood.


Small Yellow Fade Bowls – $28

Can you think these delicate small bowls are created from papier-mâché?

Finnish Design Shop

S&B Minimal Duvet Cover and Pillow Case, Syrup – EUR 89

These bed sheets are simply too cool. The best thing about them is they are acceptable for boys and girls. Yay!


Magical Gradient Circle Dual Tone Paper Bundle by Origami Palace – $3.20

Make your own collectible decorations with this amazing gradient paper.

Urban Outfitters

Magical Thinking Gradient Sham, Blue – $34

Fade to nothing sheets are perfect for snuggling up under.


Gradient Poster – EUR 15

This Gradient poster is a simple, daring and affordable design statement.


Ombre Tapas Plates by Aedriel Originals

I’m officially swooning on these beautiful peach tapas plates. Buen provecho!


This mango fade tote is not strictly homeware, but it would look great hung on a peg.


Tea Towel, Gradient – EUR 17

Take a look at these neon gradient tea towels. I’ll take anything to make of a pleasure.


Ombré Tumbler – $6

I want a complete rainbow of these fun tumblers.


Hex Fade Mugs – GBP 8.50

These Hex Fade mugs remind me of the ’80s. I still love them though!

Saraille Fabric, Aqua

DIY with this gorgeous fabric from Designers Guild. If aqua is not your thing, then take a peek in the other colours.

Produced in Design

Tower Block Notebook, Coral – GBP 23.60

I wish all of memo blocks looked as amazing as these.


Avril Loreti Paint Chip Placemat – $18

These Paint Chip placemats made me laugh.

Gradation and Cube Air Vases

I’m completely intrigued by these air vases. They start out flat and can be pumped to bowls or vases. I want to see them to believe them!


Office Magnets, Rocky Mountain Turquoise by Another Life

These faceted magnets at gradient tones are extremely adorable and certainly stylish.

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