How Can I Get Out of Negative Amortization Mortgages?

Trading potential equity to get a smaller payment now is not always a wise idea. Negative credit loans require minimal payments which are less than the true amount of interest owed, causing the loan balance to grow with every payment, not diminish. These loans were popular in the mid-2000s when dwelling values were climbing consistently […]

What's the Purpose of Title Insurance?

Most insurance protects you against problems that may happen in the long run; title insurance protects you against problems from yesteryear. Buyers take insurance out to protect them in case the seller doesn’t have a valid title to the property due to fraud or due to legal problems that go back to long before the […]

Things to Think about When Refinancing Your Property

With mortgage interest rates at their lowest point since Richard Nixon was president, many homeowners are contemplating refinancing to take advantage of the rates. For some homeowners it's perfect decision and will enhance their fiscal outlook, however for many others it doesn't make sense and it can be wise for them to stick with their […]