Newly Sustainable in New Orleans

Like so many folks in New Orleans, Jared Zeller and Jennifer Pearl needed to start their lives over after Hurricane Katrina wrecked their residence in 2005. But like many other resilient residents along the Gulf Coast, the couple turned the devastation into an opportunity to create something unique. Pearl, a realtor and Pilates teacher, and […]

11 Ways to Cozy Up at Home in Chilly Weather

When temperatures drop and it begins to get dark at 4:30 pm, matters can seem bleak. Make the most of those conditions by making your house so cozy that you never want to make it. This does not mean cranking up the thermostat to a temperature below”sauna,” but instead adding warmth with fabrics, accessories and […]

Outstanding Ecofriendliness With a Contemporary Bent

Sabine Karsenti and her husband, an artist who moves by simply the letter “F,” didn’t set out for a formal certificate of sympathy because of his or her Montreal home. They simply wanted an eco friendly house that felt and looked modern and fresh. “We took a look at a few green and eco-friendly house […]

Decorate With Intention: Organizing Your TV Blend In

Gone (thankfully) are the days when all we wanted was to completely conceal the TV — those bulky armoires and oversized TV cabinets were not performing our living rooms any favors. And while many of us today are pleased to keep the TV visible, it’d still be nice to not let the”big black box” take […]

Designer Sketch: Josh McCullar

Meet Josh McCullar, 34, a Richmond designer for SMBW Architects now working on a modern home on a 21-acre woodland hillside overlooking a lake in Goochland County, Virginia. “The home is going to be an aperture through which to view the landscape, the changing of seasons, and a silent refuge for the owners,” he states. […]

Cozy Outdoor Rooms Allow You to Snuggle Up to Fall

With loads of color still from the backyard and sunlight lingering in the skies after work (for today ), permit yourself to be enticed outdoors in autumn. Whether you adore playing with the social butterfly or prefer to cozy up at a nest for two, we’ve got you covered. Soak up inspiration from these outdoor […]

5 Small Bathrooms That Stretch Design Imagination

If there’s one thing I’ve heard from bathroom designers, it is that successfully designing a very small space often means losing one’s anxieties and inhibitions. Whether you’re remodeling a compact guest bath or upgrading your pocket-size bathroom to add more modern fixtures, the designers under will teach you a thing or two about extending every […]

A Dream Home Made Out Of an Empty Austin Lot

Jeremy and Amber Scardino lived for 11 years across the street from the spot where they eventually built their dream home. “We loved the area we lived in so much that when we saw that a for-sale sign show up in the empty lot across the street one day we thought it just made sense […]

Color Guide: How to Work With Red

It’s the color of love, fire, blood and passion. In China it is connected with happiness. In Japan it’s connected to heroism. In Western cultures it also hints at sex, deviance and shame. Whatever its institutions, crimson is a strong and beautiful color. True red is a key color, but the spectrum of reds is […]

DIY: Create a Custom-Stamped Curtain

For those who are creatively inclined, it can be a struggle to find the right cloth at the crafts store. If you like the DIY route, though, it’s simple to make your own. Using a very simple stamp carving kit, you can hand stamp a textile to use anywhere in your home. Here’s how to […]