11 Ways to Cozy Up at Home in Chilly Weather

When temperatures drop and it begins to get dark at 4:30 pm, matters can seem bleak. Make the most of those conditions by making your house so cozy that you never want to make it. This does not mean cranking up the thermostat to a temperature below”sauna,” but instead adding warmth with fabrics, accessories and roaring fires, and doing hunkered-down activities. This advice can help you get ready for a hibernation.

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Integrate throw blankets. Bring theminto every room in which you prefer to cozy up on a sofa or sofa chair for reading, gathering and viewing TV. Drape them over furniture and keep extras in a trunk, window seat bench or drawer.

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Layer up your dining room table. Add a tablecloth or 2, or a runner, and a bowl of oranges, pheasant feathers, candlesticks, candelabras, branches, berries and other autumnal and wintry accoutrements.

Add winter touches into your bedscape. When you have light and bright summery throw pillows on your bed, then you can switch them out for deeper, cozier colours, such as cranberry reds, pumpkin apples or chocolate browns. Add an excess blanket and a popular additional quilt in the end of the bed.


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Get stitching. Find a fun job you can appreciate when you are hunkered down in the house. If you don’t know how to knit, it’s a fantastic time of year to sign up for a class to get yourself out of the house.


Speaking of knitting, pull out cozy cable-knit accessories. This means anything from fisherman’s sweaters to plant snugglies.

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Get ready for family movie nights. Organize your DVDs, make your download want list or reup which Netflix subscription. If you have been putting off putting up your TV for Internet streaming, now’s the time.

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Make sure all your fire needs are handy. Find that extended lighter to get a gas-burning fireplace or a pile of dry logs, kindling, paper and long matches to get a wood-burning fireplace or woodstove.

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Adorn your mantel for the season. Add warm colours, berries, branches, brass candlesticks, pinecones and other items. I love to keep my mantel rather sparse in summer and spring, and let it clutter up with more purposeful items as it becomes chilly out.


Add a little rug near your bed. There is nothing worse than dragging yourself out of underneath your warm covers and needing to step on a cold floor. Add a soft area rug, similar to this sheepskin throw, so you’ll look forward to this first fuzzy step out of bed.

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Make sure books are handy. Since you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors during this time of year, you will want lots of good books to read. Pull those coffee table books, load up your Kindle and have publication swaps with friends to make sure that you’ve got plenty of fresh pages to see. Leave out everything in your favourite reading nooks.

Get the mild right. Nothing sets off seasonal affective disorder (SAD) like bad lighting. When it’s dark out, you’ll want fine, soft light from table lamps, floor lamps and reading lighting.

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