The best way to Paint Laminated Countertops

Kits especially designed for painting countertops have been compiled by paint suppliers. These kits are aimed at mimicking the look of granite and so are composed of a primer paint different shades of metallic- and mineral- a clear top-coat as well as coloured paints. The metallic- or mineral-coloured paints are sponged on the primer and include style and depth to the counter-top while removing brush-strokes. A paint shop worker can assist you compose your own package of the paints that are same. The method needs lots of drying time for the several levels of latex paint.

The laminated countertops completely with ammonia-based cleaner as well as a rag. Let the counter-top dry. Painter ‘s tape to equipment location or any wall that can not be painted.

Primer paint to the counter-top inside edges using the foam paint brush. Use the primer paint to exterior edges of the counter-tops and the tops using the roller. Let the primer paint dry for eight hrs.

Pour a tiny amount of each of three metallic- or mineral-coloured paints in to paper plates that are individual. Cut a sea sponge in three components with scissors. Run the sponges underwater and wring out them.

Dip one sponge in the lightest metallic- or mineral-coloured paint and use the paint to the counter-tops with an up and down movement. Repeat with all the metallic- or mineral-coloured paints, mixing the colours together while they’re damp. Let the paints dry for four hours.

The clear top-coat with all the roller as well as the foam paintbrush to the counter-top. Let the top-coat dry for four hours. Repeat to get a total of three levels that are top-coat. Remove the tape of painter.

Squeeze the silicon sealer along with your fingers to use a layer of sealer across the sink. Let the sealer treatment for three times.

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