The best way to Protect Limestone Counters

Counters that are limestone may be a stylish addition to your own kitchen or bathroom. Limestone could have a finish or a matte or honed finish, and is accessible in various colors. Obtained from quarries, this rock is vulnerable to stains and damage from materials and includes calcium carbonate. You may need to clear and seal the soft area to avoid stains, scratches and acid etchings. A sealer enables the stone preserves the colour of the stone and doesn’t need re-application.

Clean the Lime Stone Counter

Apply pH cleaner to the lime-stone counter using a micro-fiber fabric. Leave the cleaner on the area for 10 to 20 minutes, however don’t let it dry. For stains that are greasy or deep, you might need to use an alkaline cleaner that’s labeled for use on lime stone. It’s possible for you to purchase both kinds of cleaners from suppliers that are lime stone.

Scrub the area using a micro fiber fabric or, if required, scrub the area using a soft-bristled, non-metallic scrub brush that is.

Rinse the area that is counter and wipe clean using a micro-fiber fabric. Repeat this many times to eliminate grime residue. When you use the sealer the lime stone counter has to be totally clear.

Seal the Lime Stone Counter

Dry the clear counter area using a micro-fiber fabric. Ensure the surface is totally dry before you use the sealer. You might need to allow it dry 24 to 72 hrs before you seal it, in accordance with Integrity Stone and Tile Cleansing in the event the limestone is very porous.

Apply a a skinny coat of sealer using a cotton fabric, and allow the sealer soak to the lime stone for 1 5 to 30 minutes. Wipe streaks using a micro-fiber fabric off. If streaks can be found in in sealer that is dry, utilize some damp sealer to re activate the sealer, and wipe the streaks off.

Use one or two mo Re coats of sealer if required. A textured or honed lime-stone surface could require extra coats of sealer and is mo-Re porous than lime stone. Allow the sealer to dry carefully, a-T least 2-4 hrs.

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