Guest Picks: Heal Style Doldrums With Swiss Cross Accessories

1 pattern I’ve seen popping up everywhere lately is the Swiss cross — it is no longer stuck on the medication cupboard. These days, it’s easy to see a cross in several textiles. Regardless of the color, it feels classic and iconic, and it matches both vintage and modern styles. Here are 20 finds that attribute the daring Swiss cross. — Jen in The Haystack Needle


Baby Quilt, Modern Plus Design by Not Quilting – $180

This baby quilt features Swiss crosses in a mix of red, teal and gray. It’s a handmade modern style which will be a sweet gift for a baby girl or boy.


Vintage Red Cross Wall Hanging in Hoop, Gray by Miniature Rhino – $32

This gray Swiss cross wall hanging comes from one of my favourite Etsy stores, Miniature Rhino. It’s a modern handmade style that would look great mixed in with eyeglasses on a gallery wall.

ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles

Swiss Cross Titanium Tiles

If you adore the Swiss cross pattern, you may consider tiling the bathroom with rows of shiny gold Swiss cross contours.

Design Within Reach

Plus 9 Throw, Orange – $350

I adore the colors and the layout of this cozy throw. There’s a subtle cross pattern which it is possible to view in purple.


Cross Blanket, Orange – CAD 245

I would love this blanket for my sofa. The repeat Swiss cross pattern looks great in white and red.


Plus Typographic/Swiss Cross Pillow by Zana – $27

This Etsy vendor makes a number of Swiss cross cushions. The black and white color palette feels the latest to me.


Classic Swiss Army Blanket by Miss Greenthing – $399

This vintage Swiss blanket includes a manly style that would balance a room with a great deal of girly accessories.


X-Large Coffee Sack Basket, Black Swiss Cross by Brin & Nohl – $39.99

Following is a cool way to store toys, magazines or towels in the restroom. I love the combination of the black Swiss cross as well as the rustic coffee sofa cloth.

Story North

Pia Wallén Cross Baby Blanket, Black & White – GBP 55

This baby blanket features a black and white Swiss cross pattern. It would create a picture photo backdrop for those newborn pics.


First Aid Storage Medicine Cabinet by The Shop in Rock Creek – $125

If your bathroom lacks storage, then here is a vintage-style cupboard which spells out its role with the traditional red cross. Each cabinet is custom made with reclaimed wood.


Modern ‘Pia’ Baby Quilt or stung by Folk and Modern

Who explained the Swiss cross needs to maintain red? Following is a quilt with a hot pink Swiss cross pattern.


First-Aid Hotel Room Drop Muslin Bags by Small Chicklets – $75

Following is a helpful gift to depart by the bedside in a guest room. This Swiss cross–stamped muslin pouch makes the ideal container for a handy mini first-aid kit for overnight guests.


Large Orange and Lemon Yellow Reversible First-Aid Pillow Cover by Pillowhappy – $45

The soda of orange makes for a daring color combination with this handmade pillow. When you get bored of the orange, then reverse the pillow cover for a yellowish Swiss cross. It is two for one!


Swiss Cross Fabric – $17.50

I can think of two ways I can use this particular Swiss cross cloth in craft jobs. I would also love to find a seat or ottoman reupholstered in this traditional modern print.


Safety Clutch, Red by Roxy Marj – $32

This handmade pouch is on my wish list. I would love to use it to organize little things on my desk, perhaps all my loose receipts.


Plus One Linen Orange Wall Decal – $5

This orange Swiss cross pattern is truly a wall sticker which you can find on Spoonflower. It is also possible to get exactly the identical pattern in wallpaper or fabric.

Jonathan Adler

Cross Rug – $695

Jonathan Adler made a Swiss cross carpet that is offered in a couple of colors. The pattern would make a easy and bold statement in a room.

Society 6

This easy iPhone case is a standout favourite. The tiny black Swiss cross pattern protects your cell phone in style.


Cross Cards by Meredith Sand Designs – $25

Send a loved one your well-wishes for this particular hand-stamped card. It is one of those cool cards that you would be likely to keep and display after you receive it.


Turquoise Cross White Washi Masking Tape Roll by Charm Tape – $2.88

Washi tape is so popular in the craft world, so of course, now you can find the on-trend Swiss cross as a washi tape pattern.

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