How to Replace the Tires

Yard-Man’s push generators and self-propelled walk-behind mowers have wheels which combine rim and the tire in 1 piece. As such, to change a tire or self-propelled version you must buy a replacement wheel. How you go about replacing tires on a Yard-Man riding mower depends on whether you would like to substitute the wheel-and-tire combination or just the tire.

Push Mowers and Self-Propelled Mowers

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the mower’s engine and flip the mower above. Consult the lawn mower’s documentation for the location of the spark plug cable. The place and disconnection procedure might vary depending on your Yard-Man version.

Loosen and remove the hex nut or cotter pin holding the wheel into the mower and set it in a place. You might require a small wrench or a pair of pliers.

Slide the wheel assembly off the mower.

Gather the washers between the tire and the mower and set them apart. Depending on your version that is Yard-Man, there may be one washer per wheel. Washers are not used by some models.

Replace washers or the washer, and slide the new wheel on the axle.

Replace cotter pins or the hex nuts and flip the mower above. Replace the spark plug wire.

Riding Mowers — Replace Whole Wheel

Remove the key from the ignition of the mower and engage the parking brake.

Jack up front or back of the mower, depending on the location of the wheel you want to remove. Place jack stands beneath the high end end for support. Do not work around an elevated mower which isn’t supported by jack stands.

If a person exists, then use a wrench to unfasten and slide the nuts fastening the wheel to the axle off. Slide the pins out of their holes if your mower that is Yard-Man utilizes cotter pins rather than nuts. Maintain the pins or nuts in a secure place.

Slide the wheel and replace the entire assembly with a new one.

Replace the pins or nuts, remove the jack stands and lower the knob so that the mower is once more on the ground.

Riding Mowers — Replace Tire

Eliminate the wheel as outlined in Section 2, then lay the wheel that is removed on the ground.

Remove the valve stem cap and utilize a valve core removal tool to allow the air out of the tire all.

Remove the tire from the rim. To do this, work round the rim’s edge with 2 large flat-head screwdrivers. Slide the tips of the screwdrivers between the rim and the tire’s bead. Gently push down on the grips of the screwdrivers to break the seal between the rim and tire. Once you’ve broken the seal all the way round, pull on the tire off the rim.

Lubricate the bead of the brand new scooter with dish soap to make it easier to put the tire on the rim.

Pry the brand new tire onto the rim, once more with two large flat-head screwdrivers.

Inflate the tire and reinstall the wheel on the axle of the mower.

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