Kitchen of the Week: Black-and-White Elegance for 7

Developing a stylish kitchen for a household of 7 that is easy to use and keep clean sounds next to impossible. But for Houzz user Patty Corn, it only required a bit more planning.

This elegant black-and-white New Jersey kitchen is all about family. Super-sized appliances, durable and easy-to-clean materials, a big kitchen island, and a living room at the end of the room combine to make a functional, comfortable kitchen that promotes entertaining.

The industrial lighting over the island is one of the first eye characteristics of Corn’s kitchen. She had been motivated by Barn Light Electric, but rather went to her regional lighting shop, Krell Lighting.

The New Jersey shop provided her with these daring pendants from Hi-Lite Mfg. Co..

Planning the layout of the kitchen has been the largest priority and took the most time. The result is a kitchen with a large island and barstools (and plenty of space to walk around), and a space at the end of the space to sit and consume around a gas fireplace. “Our kitchen is the household’s gathering area,” Corn says. “I am never alone when I am cooking.”

Though she understood what she desired for the flooring, fixtures and fixtures, both Corn and her husband didn’t wish to get spend too much money on these aspects of the kitchen. For the flooring, they went with a standard oak flooring with a dark chocolate stain. “We both agreed that we wanted a shade without an excessive amount of sheen,” she says. “We are a family of seven, and didn’t wish to see every piece of lint and dust.”

Inspired by all the marble she watched on a recent trip to Europe, Corn used honed marble to the island and granite on the countertops. “I decided that I wanted that timeless, timeless look in our kitchen,” she says. She had envisioned a black-and-white kitchen from the beginning, but had been worried the result could be overly formal.

Since five children (and occasionally more) would be using her kitchen on a regular basis, Corn understood she would have to make some significant accommodations for her big family. All appliances were super-sized.

However, so as to lower costs as far as you can, she’d hours of online research to determine what the best deals were and where she could locate them. Her favorite appliance choice? The refrigerator drawers in front of the cooker.

The sink fixtures are an easy Kohler model, and the sinks are from Elkay. The plumbing supply shop attempted to talk her out of itbut she insisted on the deepest, biggest sinks possible. “I am so glad I didn’t listen! Trust your instincts,” Corn says. “There isn’t a skillet or lasagna dish that does not fit in my sinks.”

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