Perfectly Personalize Your Own Kitchen Isle

Kitchen islands give additional counter space, storage, seating and other ordinary kitchen features like sinks and cooktops. They also have the capacity to offer considerably more. Can’t seem to find a place for your spices? Shelving on your island could possibly be the best solution. Want to introduce a dramatic material to your area? Tug it through your island.

If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, adding an island or simply collecting thoughts, the next photos will show you the many unexpected attributes an island can have. Before you put the stamp of approval on your own island layout, be sure it’s personalized for you.

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Contain wine storage. If you’re constantly fighting to discover a place for your wine collection, facilitate your frustration by adding wine storage into your own island.

Construct chic shelving. Shelving is by no means a fresh thought for islandsnonetheless, there’s an opportunity to make it a much more sophisticated addition. Rather than putting it on the endings of your island, incorporate it around your cabinetry or chairs, and stock it with knickknacks and accessories that aren’t just kitchen connected. This is especially rewarding for open layouts where your island confronts a living area, as in this example. Private mementos give it a warm and eclectic character that blends with all the aesthetic of its neighboring area.

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Insert a genuine table to your own island. It’s fairly common practice nowadays to see islands double as seats distances with the addition of bar stools. But when you have the space, consider adding a genuine table to your island. Does this provide extra seating, but you will be surprised how thankful you are for the additional counter area during meal prep.

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Create a place for your spices. In case your spices are taking up valuable space in the pantry, create a spot for them on your island. Choose a place that is most available to your cooker or where you will most often be using them, then split out enough space for shelving.

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Consider going additional wide. If you have got a major kitchen, don’t be afraid to go for a major island, especially if it will be used for both entertaining and cooking. There’s rarely an excessive amount of counter space. (Just be sure that you can achieve what you want from the cooking zone.)

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Or move additional long. Don’t let a narrow kitchen block you from maximizing usable space. Go for an extra long design that still provides you plenty of counter space and enough seating for the entire family. This one seats eight.

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Stick the seats on the end. If there’s no room to place seating along the lengthwise side of the island, the conclusion can be a fantastic place to sneak in one or two seats. You might be unable to fit the entire dinner party, but you’ll have friends or children to keep you company while you cook. Plus, it’s the perfect place for a fast breakfast.

Go super skinny. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to produce islands potential in smaller kitchen areas. Though much skinnier than most islands, this pub manages to incorporate cabinetry and seats in addition to the additional counter area that makes islands so great.


Get creative with your countertop. Function is a huge part of your island counter; you will probably be using it most frequently for meal prep. This doesn’t mean that you want to sacrifice aesthetics. Many substances are available now that are as interesting as they are practical, like this glass alternative that is scratch and heat resistant, nonporous and low maintenance.

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Choose an unexpected material for the body of this island. Don’t stop in the countertop: Think about creating a statement with the body of your own island via an unexpected material. This designer ended the island body .

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What can you do to create your island unique? It’s not every day that you see a backlit banded calcite column accessorizing a kitchen island.

Your turn: What specific touches have you added to your own island? Tell us in the Comments section.

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