The best way to Root Potato Vine Cuttings

Potato vines come from potatoes that are genuine. They are hardy, drought-tolerant, fast growers that create vines that are colourful. They are also simple to root from cuttings. From reducing to plant the entire procedure makes a great lesson for kids about plant propagation and requires of a month. Whether you plan to use your cuttings in-doors as a house plant or outside as a foliage- vine that is abundant, the method for rooting is the same.

Fill vase or a jar with water that is clear. Let the water sit overnight therefore to dissipate a number of the water-treatment chemicals.

Locate a node on the plant that is first. A node seems just like a spherical bulge in the stem which will have bumps that are smaller . Cut below the bumps that are little. Should you not see any bumps that are little, cut immediately below the node, maintaining the node in tact.

Remove any leaves close to the node using a pinch.

Place the stem in the jar, making sure that the node is totally submerged.

Place the jar in an area that is semisunny. Avoid putting the jar in-direct sunlight because development could harm the roots that are recently formed.

Leave the cutting until roots arise — approximately four to five months. Change the water every week to avoid root rot and algae development.

Remove the cutting and place it in a cool, shady area for one to three times. This can be well known as “hardening-off” and makes the plant harder and much more likely to endure once planted in soil.

Plant your potato vine in an area with shade for outside use as well as in a container for use. Cover the roots. Potato vines develop in many different soils and dry to peat and moist -rich. If utilizing a commercial potting mix, select a peat moss-based soil by mixing business houseplant soil with peat moss in equivalent quantities, or make one.

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