The Way To Wash Decorative Couch Pillows

If it’s the decorative pillow is set on your sofa, love seat or favourite chair, then it includes an accent of colour and design to your living room. To keep the colors vibrant and fresh, periodic cleaning of the cushions is necessary. While some toss pillows can be tossed to a washing machine, many decorative cushions need the extra care that can only be supplied by hand washing. Hand cleaning allows you to stay in charge of the cleaning process, thereby limiting potential damage from too much water or excessive agitation from a washing machine.

Determine Best Cleaning Method

Read the care tag on your pillow, if present. The company’s care label will state if the material ought to be dry-cleaned or washed using a mild, soapy solution. Fabric maintenance labels may not directly state the material is dry clean only; instead, it may say use a water-free alternative.

Explain the fabric as silk, velvet or other, if no tag is present. Silk is identified by its smooth and shiny appearance. Velvet is delicate and includes a snooze that changes color shade when brushed forward and back; velvet additionally has a brilliant sheen. If the fabric falls to the velvet or silk family, use a dry cleaning fluid. If it falls into the other category, it could possibly be made of cotton or a synthetic, both of which may be washed using water.

Test your fabric in an inconspicuous area. Use a white towel dampened with your cleaning solution of choice to blot against the fabric. Hold for several seconds. Inspect the towel for signs of color transfer. Allow the spot to dry. Inspect for water rings or other adverse reactions, such as faded color.

Wet Cleaning Method

Mix a upholstery shampoo according to the manufacturer’s directions in a pail. Make sure that the solution is appropriate for hand shampooing using a sponge. Some concentrated cleaners are designed for use only with a cleaning machine.

Agitate the mixture using a sponge to make a thick, frothy foam.

Wring out the sponge, leaving it moist but not dripping. Subscribe to a liberal amount of foam using the sponge.

Apply the foam into the cushion with gentle circles. Work it to every single crevice of the cushion, particularly along the piping.

Blot excess foam and humidity away from the cushion using a clean, white towel.

Place it on a clean white towel to dry.

Dry Cleaning Method

Wipe down a pail using a clean, dry terry cloth towel, then pour deep cleaning fluid to the pail.

Dip a clean, dry sponge to the dry cleaning solution and wring it out. Unlike water-based solutions, dry cleaning fluids are solvents which do not produce suds or foam.

Work the solution into the fabric using a circular motion. Look closely at the folds and contours of this pillow, particularly along the piping, if present.

Blot the washed section with a clean, white towel.

Dip the sponge to dry cleaning fluid often as you wash. Wring out excess fluid each time.

Place the cushion on a clean, white towel before the dry cleaning fluid has disappeared.

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