To Floor a Dishwasher

Ground a dishwasher power cord to avoid fires. Electrical grounding is done by connecting a green or bare insulated coated copper wire to produce an electric sink, which securely routes electricity from metal locations on the dishwasher. Grounding is also also referred to as “earthing” because of the fact that grounding typically requires routing electricity securely into the ground when there’s a surge in electricity.

Set a big bit of cardboard on the ground. Have you are assisted by a helper with tilting again the dishwasher on the cardboard so the front of the dishwasher is facing up.

Remove the two screws in the access panel located in the bottom-front of the dishwasher. Pull the access panel.

Remove the screw from the final box cover of the dishwasher. Remove the terminal box cover. Set the screw and protect a side in a location that was secure.

Insert a strain-relief nut to the spherical entry hole situated on the rear of the final box. Position the strain relief nut with all the set screws facing.

Thread the conclusion of the dishwasher cord to the underside of the dishwasher, positioned from the dishwasher and motor tub. Insert the conclusion of the cord through the strain relief nut in the rear of the final box.

Remove the grounding screw in the terminal box. The grounding screw is on the rear of the final box and is painted green. The the top of the screw is going to be facing up toward you, when you are looking at it. Slide the floor-wire ring terminal onto the green ground screw. Drive the grounding screw-back back to its hole on the final box with screw-driver. Loosen the grounding screw but don’t take it off, in the event the ground wire does not have have a-ring final. Wrap the end-of the grounding wire clock-wise around the green grounding screw. Tighten the screw using a screwdriver.

Hold the cord wire as well as the wire of the final box and align the ends. Twist on a wire nut supplied by the dishwasher powersupply cord package. Completely protect the uncovered wire ends using the wire nut. Tug to make sure that they’re safe in the wire nut. When they are unfastened, give still another two turns to the wire nut. Twist a wire nut on the cord the final box along with wire wire in much the same.

Tighten the two-set-screws of the strain-relief nut to support the the cord set up.

Bend the wires to the final box. Place the terminal box secure it together with the screw and cover on the final box.

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