10 Creative and Colorful Outdoor Lights

For most of us from the Northern Hemisphere, summer is at its peak. Days are long and hot, and nights are warm, relaxing and oh-so-romantic. It is the prime time to stay outside as long as you can — and a good reason to make your outdoor space warm, bright and lively.

Innovations in outside lighting appear all the time, particularly when it comes to eco-friendly fashions. A number of these choices come in the same plain-Jane white light or glossy finish, but you can add extra cheer to a patio this year with creative and bright outdoor lights such as these. Summer weather is reason enough to celebrate.


Clover Indoor-Outdoor Lamp

Unlitthis indoor/outdoor lamp looks initially like a white artichoke. But turn it on, and it explodes with color, looking more like a colorful rose. Even though it’s named after plant, the Clover is a gorgeous work of art which can be used in any environment. Hang from above, or use additional hardware to turn it to a table or floor lamp.


GardenGlo Solar Lighted Planters – $104.99

Try a different sort of look for your next garden party by switching on those colorful planters once the sun sets. Completely solar powered, these resin planters come in several bright colors. A separate solar control unit can be positioned in direct sunlight to power and charge the planter. Buy a few, and plug them in to each other to get a row of luminous pots.

Asian Outdoor Lighting – $27

String these colorful nylon outside lanterns out of a tree to get an instant backyard party area. These brightly colored lights include an instant festivity to a room, and there is no fuss when it comes to lighting them up. A solar LED lighting is nestled in each lantern, and they begin glowing when it starts getting dark. The lanterns can shine a few hours without requirement of an extension cable or outlet.


Glass Globe Tealight Holders – $30.40

I like the delicate appearance of those yummy tealight holders out of A+R Store. The two glass halves can be used separately, but when placed together, they have a gorgeous glow. Use two individual colors! If you look down on them, both colors will blend together in a warm hue.


Aurora Glow Solar String Lights – $69

These graceful glass orbs are a stunning and tasteful alternative to the normal stringed lights. Hand blown by glass artisans, each tiny sphere holds a solar powered lighting which turns on automatically. Whether you opt for the soft, neutral tones or even the brighter and more cheerful colors, these mini globes of light look like they just belong in a candy backyard setting.

Kindle Living


A patio heater can be a welcome addition to your outdoor area even if you live in a warm part of the nation. The Bella Petite out of Kindle Living is a modern take on standard patio heater design. Instead of the heat disappearing as it climbs from the heater, the color retains it within a comfortable range. To top it off, it doubles as a colorful outdoor light. Pick from seven LED light colors, or a variant that cycles through all of them. The light can be used even when the heater itself is off.


Pod Lens System – $166.50

These outside lights look like seedpods or cocoons just starting to peel available. Regardless of what you see when you look at these, the Pod Lens is unquestionably a light fixture motivated by nature. The diffuser is made from polycarbonate with waterproof and fade-resistant walls. Use it as a floor lamp, pendant, install it onto a wall, or put it onto a ground stake. Put them all over your lawn to create a luminous backyard.


TULIP Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

Offered in small and massive dimensions, the TULIP lamp is a decorative garden accessory that provides a bright and lively touch to any outdoor space. Line up a row of the big versions to create an eye catching screen, or place some of the tiny ones along the edges of a walkway. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the TULIP is offered in many different colors.


Moon Jars – $24.99

You have heard of sunshine jars, right? Well, this is really a moon jar! Just like a sun jar, moon jars are essentially a jar-filled solar cell, using a rechargeable battery and a low-energy LED. Put a moon jar to direct sun for a couple hours, and the battery will be fully charged. At night, it’ll automatically turn to give your home a soft moon-like glow.


Lagranja Design UTO Lamp – $613

These lamps are so friendly and flexible looking, they almost look like a character from The Brave Little Toaster. Made from pliable and smooth silicon rubber (the only truly fixed part of its design is that the plastic screen which covers the bulb), it can be used outdoors as well as in. Its long durability and cable means that you may hang it from a hook on the wall, then put it on the floor, throw it over a ceiling rafter, or put it onto a small patio table.

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