How to Choose a New Town

Where we live affects so much in our own lives: the job we find, the friends we have, the activities we enjoy and even our health. If you’re considering a big move — whether you’re moving to get work, to be near family or just because you’re craving a change of scenery — following the […]

How to Prep for a Holiday Party at One Week

During the holidays, when weekends book up fast with workplace parties, cocktail gatherings and kids’ events, an informal, spontaneous get-together could result in a refreshing change of pace. Or perhaps you’ve simply procrastinated, despite the fact that you’ve known since Labor Day that 30 of your closest relatives are coming to celebrate Hanukkah with you. […]

Great Design Plant: Crape Myrtle

One of my favorite things about living in the American South is that crape myrtles grow. This exceptional tree has year-round interest, with its sculptural shape, several stems, long-lasting flowers and gorgeous exfoliating bark. In Atlanta, our crape myrtle population is extremely high, since the city went mad and implanted 1,000 of them across the […]

Sectional Ottoman: Matchmaking Tips

Ottomans are an extra luxury to some sectional, but they come in numerous shapes, sizes and fashions that choosing one can be overpowering. Picking the proper ottoman to your modular sofa depends upon the configuration and the look that you would like to achieve; you wish to find one which has the right scale height […]