On Trend: Engineered Nordic Furniture Gets Around

A simple circle could be a lot of things. Whether it’s the sunlight above the plate onto a circular dinner table, the ring is definitely a part of our daily lives.

Designers frequently take a simple shape and use it as a point of departure. These Nordic mirror and furniture designs have grabbed that ring and exploded it, dropped it, extruded it, hung it, pierced it, deconstructed it and even melted it. The results are, of course, innovative. Some of them are easier to live with than others. However from a design standpoint, all are extraordinary to look at.

Note: These brands are available via U.S. traders and interior designers; visit every picture link for details.


Hjellegjerde Lobster Chair – $5,045

This chair, known as the Lobster, immediately reminds me of the lobster’s curving rear along with its sharp claws. Yet it’s clearly more inviting and comfortable than your average crustacean.


Nanna Chair

Layer several circles along with one another, wrap them into a 3-D contour, then sit down. That seems to be the simple yet magnificent premise behind this chair and ottoman. The slender shapes would look beautiful by a big picture window.


Pouf – EUR 1,067

If your inspiration is a circle, then you can not get more minimalist compared to this layered ottoman. The bright blue tone-on-tone colors make it anything but dull. What a great focal point for a modern living room.


Haiku Sofa

Pull and elongate ring until you have a long, calming sofa similar to this one, then I’ll join you for a few coffee and the Sunday paper. It’s a great illustration of a modern design that is still very user friendly.


Blow Chair – $1,072

This amazing circular chair makes me think of Austin Powers for a certain reason. But in the ideal manner, because would not it be interesting to curl up in a purple nest and watch TV tonight?


Adnet Circulaire Mirror – EUR 879

This hanging mirror is popping up around — the easy circular shape is sweetly emphasized by the minimalist strap. It could be a beautiful counterbalance over a heavy, imposing dresser.


Loop Chair

Make a circle more complex by including a hole in the center. This doughnut-style chair is a tad more complicated than a Krispy Kreme, nevertheless.


43D Upholstered Seat – EUR 1,320

A softly upholstered circle appears much more comfortable when melted and draped on a chair similar to this one. A pair of four are beautiful grouped around a dining table.

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