Dreaming in Color: 8 Eye-Opening Yellow Bedrooms

I have a tendency to associate the color yellow with all the sweet corn my hometown, just outside the reach of suburban Chicago, is famous for. It is also the color of one of the first flowers of spring in that part of the nation, daffodils, which my mom planted in beds round the house to herald the end of the long, cold winters. To me yellow represents the color of sunshine, sustenance and rejuvenation. It reminds me of happy, relaxing times and makes me feel optimistic for the future. If you’ve got similar positive associations with yellow, try using it in your bedroom to help you become revved up each morning for the day ahead.

Below you will discover several sunny yellow bedrooms in addition to strategies for working the joyful hue into your sleeping space.

Irvin Serrano

If you’ve got tall ceilings in your bedroom and lots of natural light, it is possible to go super daring and intense with yellow. This particular shade of yellow packs a wallop, so I would recommend limiting it into an accent wall. An area which gets this much natural light can handle a daring yellow on an entire wall, but you should be aware that if your bedroom has low ceilings and little natural light flowing in, then a yellow as bright and daring as this one can leave you feeling anxious.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get an identical look with Babouche from Farrow & Ball.

Shaw Coates

Those seeking a mellower yellow should look at milder sandy and golden hues, such as this green-tinged gold. There is quite a little brown and white inside, therefore it reads like a neutral hue — a pumped-up beige, if you will. This is a great color choice when you plan to paint all or the majority of your walls yellow, since it delivers a wonderful wash of color without going overboard.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get the look with Rattan from Benjamin Moore.

Deltec Homes

Insert oodles of warmth to a bedroom with a generous dose of timber tones and a yellow hue such as this one which veers more toward warmer orange compared to cooler green. This is an perfect palette for getting a cozy bedroom vibe in the coldest of climates.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a look .

Flegel’s Construction Co., Inc..

If you are a lover of wall coverings, choose one which really makes a statement. An interesting print on a daring yellow backdrop is a great choice for an accent wall. Wall coverings can also provide protection from dents and dings, and many are scrubbable and therefore easy to clean, which makes them a wise choice in a kids’ room.

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Get a similar look using paint with Lemon Pepper from Pittsburgh Paints.

Valdez Architecture – Interiors

Looking for a subtler hint of yellow in your bedroom? Organic bamboo and light-toned woods have a tendency to read as yellow, so they are a excellent way to warm a space with the hue. It is also possible to pick up the color via bedding and other fabrics or accessories.

Echelon Custom Homes

I like yellow for kids’ bedrooms or guest rooms, because it is a pleasing color to many people and it’s a warm and inviting vibe. You just can not help but feel happy in a space with this color palette.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with May Yellow from Glidden.

Actual Size Projects

Pulling off a cozy, intimate vibe in an area with tall ceilings can be a challenge. But working in lots of soft yellow is likely to make the room feel fuller.

It is also possible to use color to highlight an interesting ceiling or other architectural detail. Paint the detail or the area about it in an attention-grabbing hue such as yellow. Then use white or a different contrasting color to set off the yellow.

To downplay a nondescript or unsightly ceiling, just paint it one notch lighter than the wall color. It will really appear to be the same color as the wall and also blend in rather than stand out.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get an identical look with Daffodil from Sherwin-Williams.

Annette English

Painting the wall behind interesting artworks or decorative accessories in an eye-catching color will place them off and draw attention to them, creating a wonderful focal point.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Gold Beach from Mythic Paint.

Inform us Are you a fellow lover of yellow? How have you utilized the joyful hue in your bedroom?

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