En Suite

“En suite” is a phrase used in house layout to indicate that there’s a bathroom within the bedroom. It’s French expression, meaning that the bedroom and bathoom type a set. In other uses it may refer to anything that’s in a sequence or is part of a group or series.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

In today when many travelers shared bathrooms at a hostel, en suite bathrooms were the height of luxury and privacy.

Arch Studio, Inc..

It requires pipes and space to create an en suite bath.

Based on how much privacy is needed, the en suite bathroom does not absolutely require walls.

Sliding barn doors provide a sleek closure for this suite bath.

Elad Gonen

Privacy can be as straightforward as frosted glass, letting the room and letting in lighting.

House + House Architects

A partition behind the headboard creates a perfect separation to get an en suite bath.

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