How to Find Discontinued China Patterns

It’s happened to everyone: a broken cup, a cracked bowl there, an inherited group of china that’s missing a slice. It is no problem if the china pattern is in creation, but finding a replacement piece for discontinued patterns requires just a little research. There are lots of tools available to assist, from a selection of specialty books to local antiques dealers and the web.

Identify the Pattern

To identify the china pattern, flip over a dinner plate; many makers stamp the pattern information there. If it’s not there, or it’s illegible, collectors’ books on old china patterns and styles might help in narrowing things down. If the manufacturer still is still in business, it may have the ability to identify the pattern and might have a couple pieces out there. When it isn’t in business, you might have the ability to find an old catalog to help identify the pattern.

Getting Help With Identification

Other sources for help with identifying patterns include antique stores and collectors’ sites. Search the web for a china replacement site. Have a photo of the front and rear of the dinner plate, and also be prepared with a description of this pattern. If the pattern was exceptionally desirable, collectors will know it. An online image search tool may yield results and direct you to additional help.

Finding Replacement Pieces

If you can not find the right pieces in antique shops, look for sites which focus on replacing china and collectors’ sites. Other excellent sources are online auction sites and vintage sites, although combing through those requires more time and energy. Always ask questions about the condition of a replacement piece before buying to make sure there are no unanticipated chips or cracks.

Selling Your Pieces

In case that inherited set does not agree with your style or you have decided it’s not worth replacing the lost bits, consider putting your discontinued china pieces on the market. List them in an auction site or try to find a consignment shop that carries antique glass. Many glass replacement websites purchase unfinished sets.

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