The best way to Create Sod Sprigs

Sod sprigs are grass stolons with soil connected. Sprigging your garden saves money compared to laying sod on the whole region. Planting and making sod sprigs is time consuming. For areas that are large, a business sod- device that is sprigging breaks slabs of sod aside into crops and personal sprigs them in rows within an area formerly prepared by tilling. From obtained slabs of warm-season grass sod or from sod dug from a recognised section of lawn, make your sprigs for smaller places.

Water grass completely two times in the event that you plan to use your sod before creating sprigs. It’s simpler to to split up grass stolons when the soil is moist. Lay it out if obtained sod is employed before creating sprigs, and water it.

Sod by reducing roughly 3″ deep across the perimeter of a 1-foot square of grass using a garden spade. Raise the fringe of of the sod and shove the spade beneath the slab to raise it in the bottom.

Move the sod into a shady location to avoid wilting. Break or cut the sod slab in to chunks which are easy to manage. Pull each chunk aside, creating sprigs from stolons with soil connected. Keep the sprigs. Mist lightly with water to keep them clean till they have been planted.

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