The best way to Plant an Majesty Palm Tree

Positioning tropical trees, like majesty palms (Ravenea rivularis), in your landscape design and interior decor produces a a soothing area. Native to Madagascar, it is possible to grow these effectively in the Environment of Sunset Zones H1, H2, and 21. With the care that is proper, it is possible to successfully develop these crops indoors everywhere. Unlike some palm types, shady places are preferred by majesty palms or in places that get sunlight. Throughout planting to create it invigorate the root-system of the tropical tree.

Planting Outside

Pick a spot outside which gets reasonable to mild sunlight. Dig a hole twice the width of the existing container of the palm. Make the hole deep enough to to allow for the root ball, but maybe not further. This tree needs a broad hole, maybe not a one.

Add natural materials, such as, for instance, a nutrient-rich potting soil to the hole to increase the diet of the tree. Slide the tree in the container. Massage the roots of the palm together with your fingers, without tearing them, loosening the dirt and roots.

As you spot the tree in the hole spread the roots. Shake all purpose fertilizer granules to the soil. Shovel the soil round the tree or use your hand pat and to scoop the grime. Level should be rested by the tree .

Water the palm. Soak the floor however don’t over-water. Cover the region round the tree with mulch. Finish the planting using a light watering.

Planting In-Doors

Place three or two majesty palm seeds in a pot. Place the seeds 1-inch in the surface.

Water the soil everyday. This is essential for seed germination. Germination may use up to 90 days.

Keep the plant. When the palms are 6″ tall, transplant them into 10- to 14-inch-wide pots. Grow palms whenever the soil feels dry, and water them.

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