What Does Your Inspiration Board Say About You?

I’m no expert, but when I look at someone’s inspiration board I feel like that I could get a direct sense of whether they are a left-brained (logical, analytical) creative or a right-brained (random, instinctive ) creative. I understand that all of creatives utilize their right brains extensively, but a few people creative folk have a tendency to toss a large percentage of mathematics, exacting precision and left-brained order into our creativity.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you currently a full size right-brained creative kind, or are you currently obsessed with symmetry and detail? Check out your inspiration boards — do they reflect the way you work?


The left-brained creative kind will begin with the pieces and work as much as a whole. They are the analytical types who create amazingly detailed, geometrically precise designs. While I look at this design board, I see somebody who functioned added pieces to the inspiration board until it was a complete picture from begin to finish. I see pieces that fit together perfectly, like a puzzle, and a perfectly united color scheme.

Sharon Portnoy Design

Possibly the most left-brained of innovative professions is the area of architecture. Architects are masters at blending science and art. It would shock me to find something but an exacting, perfectly spaced and aligned inspiration board within an architect’s space.

Two Ellie

When developing mood boards, you will find those who remain within the lines and those who do not even find the traces. I would suggest that the founder of the mood board has quite a few tendencies that are overburdened. Each piece seems to have been meticulously added into the whole, developing a board that’s exactly full without moving beyond any edges.

Paul DeGroot

The founder of these boards also sticks into an exacting pattern of like drawings and photos. The boards fit seamlessly with the rest of the precisely furnished room. These boards say left-brained creative kind to me. How about you?

Wendy K. Leigh

As we draw closer to the right-brained side of the creative world, bulletin boards loosen up. There is no longer this bit-by-bit creation of the whole. Instead, the ideas seem more like they are plucked out of some creative place and blended effortlessly. This board appears to be a happy medium between the precision of a left-brained inventive and the wild liberty of a right-brained creative.

Right-brained creatives can not seem to stop their creativity. Their thoughts seem to spill out of these on any given surface. One mood board is full? The small scraps of inspiration find their way onto other surfaces: tacked to the wall, pasted on the ceiling wherever their owners can come across the room to express their ideas.

Nicole Lanteri Design

The hallmark of a right-brained creative kind for me is the presence of chaotic creativity. Right-brained founders consider the large image and then make it happen whether it’s right or not.

Kate Jackson Design

This inspiration board makes me think this artist is a cupboard right-brainer. This individual seems to think in broad strokes”beyond the lines” but is not ready to go nutso all over the bedroom wall. There is also that board of gutsy beads in brilliant colours to take into account. I’d say this is a right-brainer with a little restraint, would not you?

Laura Trevey

So, now it’s your turn. Please discuss your inspiration boards in the Comments below. Upload your photos, inform us about your boards and about your creative process. Are you currently a right-brained or left-brained creative? Does your inspiration wall signify that? I’m interested to test my theory!

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